Daily Deal sites are becoming more and more popular because not only you can make money by selling products online in Pakistan but people will also get products on reasonable price at home. So this is a win win situation for all. All you have to do is to find a product in which people are interested and want to buy it at home. There are countless number of products like mobile phones, cloths, jewelery products, various electronics, pizza burger deals etc. You can choose products which don’t need to be judged by hand or physically so that people can easily buy that item without hesitating.


What are Daily Deal Sites

These are sites managed by big companies to ensure that people can get daily life item shipped at home and that too on reasonable price. Now the most important part is that these sites don’t sell or ship products by themselves. They only manage paper work, communication between clients and money problems. Here are few examples of sites where you can join and earn profit.

  • 24Hours.pk
  • Lootlo.pk
  • DailyDeal.pk
  • DealToday.pk
  • EasyDeal.pk
  • Groupin.pk

So the question here is who is going to sell the products and why

Well persons like you and me sell the products with the comfort of home and take the commission. But the key to success is that you have to sell the item with less price compare to market otherwise no one will buy your product. Now you may be thinking that how you will make profit.


How this thing works

We all know there is a big profit margin in each and every item we buy from market. There are many third party venders and dealers involved who take the big amount of profit. So if we find a product or market from where we can pick up a product at least amount of price and sold it on internet with less amount compare to market than we can make constant amount of money.

Here is an example of a mobile phone which I researched personally. The price of Nokia 105 mobile phone in the market is 2,200/- rupees and it’s very a demanding phone due to it’s low price. But I further investigate and find a wholesale market in Rawalpindi Sadar which gave me same mobile with Advanced warranty in rupees 2,000/- only which means rupees 200 less than original market price. Now again this wholesale dealer is also selling this phone in profit which means if we find a dealer in Lahore or Karachi where we can pick up this phone is let say rupees 1,800/- than you can imagine that we have a profit margin of rupees 400 on one piece only.


How to Increase your profit by Selling more products

Now the key to success is that you have to sell alt-least 100 items in order to make good money. Let say we have a profit margin of 400 rupees but we have to share this profit with customers in order to increase our sales. Let say we give 200 rupees to customers and take remaining 200 in our pocket. This way if you sell 100 item then our profit will be 200*100=20,000 rupees and that too by staying at home.

You may be thinking that why people will buy 100 items from you. Well the good thing about daily deal sites is that you can set the selling target like 100 or what ever target you want to achieve. You should give the item in low price only if 100 or more people are willing to buy your product. People will not pay you directly as the site owner is involved in between you and your customers. On order completion you can pickup items and ship them directly to your customers address.


You can charge shipping price if your customers are outside your city. Another thing keep in mind that you don’t have to invest money for a long time. Only buy products when order is completed and money shifted in daily deal site owner. Than for a day or two you have to invest money and take back cash with profit.