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Haier Assembly Plant to be Operational Early in 2016

Haier Pakistan is new in mobile market of Pakistan, its been seven months only and company got good response from customers.

Now, company is expending there operation in Pakistan with the construction of mobile phone assembly plant. Haier manufacturing plant will cost $5 million and will be located somewhere near to Lahore. Construction of plant is expected to completed during first quarter of next year, Plant will be capable to assemble 1.5 million devices per year.

CEO of Haier Mobiles, Zeeshan Qureshi, said “took the company just seven months to achieve what would normally take other companies a few years to reach the same objective, which is what prompted plans to expand operations at a much higher scale.

Haier’s Presence in the Local Market

Haier mobile will spread their products to customer through 18,000 distributors, company’s all customer care centers have introduced theft and accidental insurance for all of its product, which attracts the visitors because there is no other company which do so, yet.

We hope that construction of plant will be completed on time, as company want to keep their timeline intact. Its good initiative by a tech company for our country

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