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How to Earn Money from Youtube by Uploading Videos in Urdu & Hindi

How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos, ads or views without being a partner is possible by monetization and that too in your own language urdu or hindi. The way you will make money from youtube adsense is by video impression and ads clicks. Before 2015 this earning facility was only for USA and Canada but now the good news is that any body in the world can generate income with this video sharing website. Also the good thing is that you can use Google Adsense account on your own blog or website with traffic and increase your income. The account approval process is very fast and in some cases it takes nearly 2 to 6 hours only.



How to get Started

First of all you need to know that you cannot make money with YouTube by uploading videos of other people because it’s against their terms and conditions. Also they will ban your account permanently so it’s a total waste of time. So you have to create your own video which can be relate to any thing but interesting enough so that people can like it and share it. This can be any thing whether a video about your local city like swat, Indus valley, Azad Kashmir, historic places or any thing. Or it can be about computer problems, daily life problems, jokes, funny videos, interesting facts about life etc.

earning proof

How to Verify YouTube Account

So create a some interesting video and edit it to make it look professional. Now create YouTube account with the help of fresh Gmail account. Remember it’s very necessary to use new Gmail account otherwise you cannot monetize old accounts. Use your real details and address because Google will send a special PIN code after you earn more than 10$ in your account at your home address. In order to verify your account you need to enter your mobile number and than click on “Text me the verification code”. They will instantly send you an SMS which you have to enter into text box.


Apply for Adsense Account

Now click the Creators & Partners link at the bottom of your account and you will see new page. Click Become a Partner button at the top of the page and click on Get Started. You will see a new page with Monetization title. With in next 24 hours they should approve your account based on your video quality. After you got your Adsense account approved it’s time for fun. Make crazy interesting videos in upload it to share it with the world.

Watch below video training in Urdu

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