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INTERNATIONAL Hindu Extremist Promises Rs78-Lakh Bounty For Beheading Zakir Naik

In a video message launched for the feeble minds of the Indian religiously fanatic Hindus of India, an extremist Hindu veteran known as Sadhvi Prachi led a bigotry bandwagon against one of the most learned scholars of Islam, Dr. Zakir Naik.

Source: dailythepatriot.com

In the video message, Sadhvi Prachi can be seen in her typical BJP uniform, the ruling party of India.

According to Sadhvi, Zakir Naik is the biggest enemy of India, who is preparing an army of terrorists, who are obviously Muslim, to attack the poor population of India, emphasizing that Dr. Zakir Naik is a terrorist leader who is running sleeper-cells across India.

Sadhvi Prachi’s baseless claims can be termed null and void, as recently an Indian tabloid and other media outlets had blamed Dr. Zakir Naik for his ‘inciting speeches’, which they later had to apologize for as after 2 days of investigation, the Maharashtra State Intelligence Department gave a  clean chit to Zakir Naik and said that he would not and cannot be arrested on his return to India as they did not have any evidence of his terrorist activities.

Source: india.com

The BJP fundamentalist Sadvhi Prachi in her video message says, whoever goes to Saudi Arabia and brings her Zakir Naik’s beheaded head, would get Rs 78 Lakh (Rs 50 lakh Indian) as a reward. Sadvhi Prachi adds that she, herself, would take Zakir Naik’s severed head and put it on the tallest tree of India.

It is pertinent to add here that this gory statement of a BJP leader is much more cringe-worthy than any terrorist attack. The smell of her extremist hypocrisy can be smelt from across the border.

Source: staticindia.com

If her remarks towards Dr. Zakir Naik were not enough, the fanatic Hindu extremist further adds that every Muslim house in India should be searched and inquired, as they too might be linked with the terrorist agendas of Dr. Zakir Naik. Such defamation and religious jingoism against one of the most well versed religious scholars in the world, responsible for thousands of conversions to Islam, cannot be taken lightly.

Just for once, one can hope that Dr. Zakir Naik announces a similar bounty for Sadvhi Prachi’s head for her extremist motives of beheading him.

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