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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery Special Tips | Enjoy the day

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery

The Samsung Galaxy note 5 battery is one of the greatest battery life among other notes. The battery life is pretty decent and working awesome. The screen resolution and other apps which consume most of our smartphone’s battery life. We all are the users which love to use smartphones very brighten and also we wish that it work for one full day almost. Here we are going to take few smart adjustment which help you to full fill your wish of using smartphones for almost one day. Read on to find out some of our smart tips for improving battery life on the Samsung galaxy note 5, and also how to make the most of its charging features.

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Reduce Display Brightness:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery

So here the first step which you would make to increase battery life of note. Display brightness is one of the biggest source of battery drain on any smartphone. SO what you would to do, make your display brightness less and use phablet customize display. Don’t use your phablet auto-display to enjoy the display bright. Another you would to do which also make your phone battery save, whenever you not use phablet then make fast full low display brightness. You can find both the screen time-out and also display brightness setting below. So here we made it the first step for saving our phablet battery.

Investigate Battery Abnormalities:

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Galaxy Note 5 Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s battery menu setting should be your smartphones best friend. Here you will find abnormal battery section, which will tells you secret information about the apps that which apps consumption is more or less. Have you experienced when you installing new apps in phablet then shit happen and battery life go down.  This is the place which give you the secret info to identify the culprit.

Rein in your Widgets:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery

Now we have to come that which app use max or min battery usage. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery may be more usage of widgets. You can normally get the same information simply by entering the app itself. Do you need the weather widget to update every one hour if you look it once a day? So that’s 23 times the widget will have taken action without any real need.

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Enable Power Saving modes:

Meet to another best friend smartphone features. The Galaxy note 5’s power saving mode, which you would enable from within the setting select battery menu and then make it enable. It is an easy way to save some juice, it is like to Prof Jacket to save battery life not a personal life from bullets. It will boost your standby time by around 10% over the course of single charge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery

Power saving feature is very customizable, allow you to take which point the power saving mode active. You can also make it immediately and also shake hand with it when your Samsung galaxy note 5 battery at dire levels where you should want to use your phablet for a very long time as possible.

Now it make a sense that what you to do but if you are on trip and enjoying the mountain or other place, want to capturing the moment but Galaxy note 5 battery make shit and come to 20% or 15%. Now time to activate Ulta-Power Saving mode. Which allow you to use some best feature for long time. This ultra-power saving mode used for only emergencies only.

Use its Charging Features to the full Potential:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery

The next tips don’t extend battery life rather, they are always to get quick power boost when you don’t have a time to charge full.

Samsung galaxy note 5 battery is also having the support fast charging, but if you serious want to gets benefit from fast charging, you must use an electrical outlet. It will react simple like the other normal charge (talking about standard USB port). Qualcomm’s Quick-Charge technology can provide a huge boost to battery life in just a short time, so make sure you take advantage of it but if you use it a correct.


So above we share the special tips of Samsung Galaxy note 5 Battery. Where you could enjoy your phablet for little more time than the first. We are come to some point on which very first is to use low display brightness after that check up on apps that which apps are using max battery usage. On third No we have to use widgets very efficiently, then enable power saving mode and at last not the least we do use its charging features to the full potential. So that’s are the tip if you would want to enjoying smartphone for a day then make it the change.


By Muhammad Abbas | IMSciences | BSSE-B

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