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Mobile Apps

10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android

When you’re looking to develop an Android app, several factors can make the process take longer than you might like. However, not all of these challenges have to slow you down or cost more than they should. A great smartphone is only as good as the apps you have on it, and that’s especially true when it comes to virtual reality technology, which takes a high-tech piece of hardware…
Content Writing

Tips To Get Inspired Before Writing A Book

One of the major hassles that arise during the book writing process is where to begin. We see the finished product in our minds and we feel like we need to replicate that in our writing. What we don’t realize is that the finished product is achieved through a long…
Web Development

How to Use CSS Math Functions

If you’re like me, math wasn’t your favorite subject in school. But, believe it or not, math can be fun…and useful! Take CSS math functions, for example. These functions can help you solve all kinds of problems when creating CSS layouts. CSS Math Functions…

How to Write the Best SEO Meta Title and Description

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to write the best SEO meta title and description. Google’s algorithm favors websites with at least 65-75 characters for the title. Anything longer than that will be cut off. When writing the title tag…

How to Convert a PDF Into a JPG Or PNG File

Depending on the use of your PDF, you can convert it into one of the two formats. JPEGs are smaller, but they lose quality when duplicated. PNGs retain quality, and are used for email, social media, and internet websites. PNG files are best for images, such as graphs…

Top 10 B2B Websites in the World by 2022

If you’re looking for a B2B business management platform, try Shopify, where you can be assured of 100% wellbeing. Many top B2B websites employ unique strategies and strategized plans to outsmart their competition. According to our predictions, in the year 2022…