7 DIY Portable Storage Box Ideas That Are Easy & Attractive

Storage Box Ideas

You can’t have enough storage boxes in your home. No matter how many you have there’s always space for more and are always on the lookout for more options. Storage boxes declutter our spaces and organize almost everything from toys, papers, books, shoes, etc. – you name it and there is a storage option possible. In fact, it can be a fun little project to create DIY boxes at home from common things and customize them to your needs. You will be surprised by how easy it is to create some of these and in the process, you get to recycle some of the things you may end up throwing in the bin.

1. DIY Cardboard Box

Perfect for storing small items, a mid-sized cardboard storage box is sturdy and gives you the option to reuse delivery boxes in a practical way. Once you have fortified the box with adhesive, you can let your imagination do the magic and decorate it in hundreds of ways.

2. DIY Cereal Box Organiser

A cereal box as a storage option sounds unrealistic, right? That is true but if you put a bit of creativity behind it then you can use it for multiple purposes. Of course, you can’t use it for storing heavy items but you can turn it into many other things like a desk organizer or a magazine holder.

3. DIY Fabric Coated Box

You essentially need 2 things to create this storage option, a cardboard box, and fabric. Simply coat the cardboard box with any fabric of your choice, preferably upholstery fabric for more durability, and there you have it a strong and unique box that you can use to store multiple things.

4. DIY Fabric Storage Buckets/Bin

You would need a bit of sewing experience to turn this into a reality. It isn’t exactly a storage box but you can use it for storing multiple things. You can use any type of cloth here and try to sew together bin-like designs that you can use to store makeup items or paint brushes.

5. DIY Sweater Box

If you look closely into your closet you will find that there must be at least one sweater that you are not planning to wear next winter. Instead of throwing the sweater, you can use it to make a sturdy and cute-looking storage box. Simply cut it to the size of a cardboard box and glue it in the right places.

6. DIY Rope Storage

This project involves a bit more effort and skill but the end product is something that you would be really proud of. You would need a cardboard box, glue, and rope for this. There are a bunch of different ways to create this kind of box but we will focus on the simplest way. Start by cutting off the top flaps of the box. The next step will use some time and patience. Start from the bottom of the box and in a wraparound pattern start gluing the rope around the box. Make sure you don’t overuse the glue as it will create unsightly patterns when the glue dries up. Cover the box to the top or two-thirds and cover the rest of the box with fabric. And there you have it, a cute and crafty way to declutter your home.

7. DIY Hanging File Boxes

File storage and then retrieval at the right time can be an issue. We generally pile them one over the other and when we need a file, we have to go through at least 5-10 files before finding the right one. This unwanted process can be eliminated by creating a simple file box using cereal or similarly designed delivery boxes. Cut off the top of the box and glue a fabric hanger on top. Nail it on the wall, store your files in it and you have easy access to all your files any time you want.

There you have it, some practical usage of everyday things that you may not even think of using for storage. These designs give you the option to add as many customizations as you want but the flexibility more often than not ends there. You can’t always choose the size of the storage box as it is generally limited to cardboard boxes you receive from deliveries. Along with that, you can’t ever be sure about how strong the storage box is going to be despite your best efforts. It is a fun project to work on and you can even get your children involved to invoke creativity amongst them. However, if you are looking for more practical and ready-to-use storage solutions then you can look for storage boxes online for several strong, multipurpose, and inexpensive options to choose right from the comfort of your home.

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