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Marble Cleaning tips – 5 minutes Guide


Your home will look classy and sleek when it is designed with marble. The natural elegance of your home can be enhanced by marble inlays. You will be proud to show off your living space when inlaid designs are used on your marble floors, backsplash, countertops, or shower.

To shine and remain strong, marble needs proper care. Learn how to take care of marble floors by reading this guide that is provided by a marble cleaning company.

  • The best way to care for marble floors
  • Kitchen marble countertops: how to take care of them
  • Marble countertops in the bathroom: how to take care of them
  • Cleaning marble backsplashes

If you have a high-traffic area, use area rugs

Rugs or runners are ideal for areas with high traffic. Additionally, you should wipe your feet on a mat before entering the house. Check the rug’s backing for non-skid properties. Marble floors look better when they are covered with rugs that prevent dirt from spreading. Your rug should be cleaned at least once a week to ensure optimal marble inlay floor care. 

Take smaller rugs outside and shake them. Choose the right vacuum setting for your area rugs. Sprinkle baking soda on your rugs to prevent odors. Be careful not to vacuum your marble floors with the vacuum when you are vacuuming the rug. You can leave etch marks on marble with your vacuum’s plastic or metal attachments.

Don’t put anything on a marble 

In the kitchen and bathroom, marble countertops create a clean look. As you use them frequently, they are prone to staining and etching from the products you use on top of them. Marble countertops should be protected from acidic foods in the kitchen. Acidic foods might stain the marble finish of your countertops. A lemon cut over the material could cause damage. 

Make sure your marble surfaces are protected from acidic foods and sharp knives by using a cutting board. Alternatively, you can use a plastic or silicone sheet if you are preparing food on a marble countertop. During meals, marble can withstand hot pots and pans, but a trivet is recommended for extra protection. Marble countertops should be cleaned immediately after every meal. Any liquid in bottles and cans can leave stains on your counters. Place drinks on coasters before placing them on the counter.

You should also be aware of stains caused by shampoo or beauty products in the bathroom. By using a tray instead of directly placing your toiletry products on your marble surfaces, you can preserve your marble inlays in your bathroom. You can reduce moisture buildup in the shower by turning on an exhaust fan.

Make sure the marble floor is clean and dust-free

It is a delicate, porous stone that is prone to scratches, stains, and scuffs. These marble inlay medallions require extra care because they contain natural etchings. You should dust and clean your marble floors and countertops at least once a week in order to protect them.

Once a month, deep clean the marble

Deep cleaning is needed at least once a month for marble floors, countertops, and showers. Marble in a high-traffic area should be deep cleaned more frequently. Reduce marble streaks with a pH-neutral cleaner.

Using a spray bottle or a wrung-out mop, wet the stone’s surface with water to remove stains. Do not soak the floor. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions for cleaning. Replace water as needed after rinsing the solution. Dry the marble surface with a soft cloth after deep cleaning it. 

Iron oxide is often used in marble inlays, so if there is moisture on the ground, the inlays may rust. It is also important to clean the grout around marble tiles after you have deep cleaned the tiles. You can do this by using a neutral pH cleaner, which does not contain acidic chemicals that can damage your tiles. Wet a toothbrush with warm water and a soft-bristled bowl. 

To remove the baking soda from the brush, apply a small amount and stroke back and forth. Try not to get the brush or baking soda on the marble. Grout should be rinsed with warm water and dried with a soft cotton cloth. Marble polish produces a bright shine that enlivens a room. 

Your marble’s shine will be reduced over time if dust, crumbs, and dirt accumulate. By removing your shoes in the house and cleaning up crumbs, you can maintain the natural beauty of marble surfaces. You should clean up any stains on marble surfaces before polishing them. Using a dry microfiber cloth and a marble polishing powder, polish the floor. 

Baking soda and water can also be combined to make a homemade polishing paste. A marble sealant increases the marble’s resistance to staining and etching, so it will last longer. Speak with the manufacturer about sealing marble surfaces. However, some marble does not require sealing. When you apply a sealer to marble that doesn’t require sealing, it won’t absorb and will cause discoloration. At least once every six months, you should apply a marble sealer to your marble.

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