Microwave oven repair

Microwave oven repair

Today my microwave oven stopped working, and I started to wonder if it could have been a circuit failure causing the problem. It might just be a component that needs replacing, so I was wondering if if I open up the microwave and take a look inside would I be able to spot the fault.

Microwaves are very reliable during their most effective years, but over time issues can arise that can cause severe problems. 

The most common microwave issues include a burnt-out magnetron and a broken diode caused by thermal shock to the device. It is generally best to avoid trying to diagnose issues like this yourself as you might inadvertently make the problem worse.

Microwave oven repair

One of the most common reasons behind a microwave keeps tripping breaker is due to its internal fuse blowing. Its main function is protecting the device from sudden overload sustained within the circuit, or possibly by an earthquake or any other unforeseen event. 

So if it’s been a while since you noticed that your microwave oven just stopped working, check first if its internal fuse is fine! It may be burnt out. If in doubt look for signs of smoke inside your oven otherwise then open it up and check for yourself.

Open the Back Cover

There are two screws on the right side and one  on the left; they are simple to unscrew with a normal, common screwdriver. However, there are four screws in the back being placed close together in a diamond that require a star-shaped screwdriver to remove.

Inspect Door Switches

The next step is to inspect the door switches since these are what tell your car’s computer that it’s an emergency and to pop open the trunk. Inspect each of the 3 door switches for any signs of damage or wear. If there’s something visibly wrong, you can replace it at this time. 

One of the switches had wiring that looked burned, but by inspecting the interior mechanisms, we noticed it was just a protective covering burning due to years of overheating near the magnetron tube.

microwave to burn out

When the microwave keeps blowing fuse, this is typically caused by the magnetron burning out. But when this happens, a microwave’s magnetron cannot be merely replaced like one might replace a light bulb in a lamp.

 Magnetrons are high-voltage components and they must be professionally reinstalled by an expert who has been trained and certified to do so. If left unchecked naturally occurring effects of time can cause this maker to burn out too unless it is repaired by someone who knows how to rejuvenate it.

Microwave Touchpad

A microwave’s touchpad controls make it easy to program a wide variety of cooking functions with the simple push of a button. If your touchpad doesn’t work, you might think you can’t use your appliance anymore, but don’t worry.

Touchpads can malfunction for a lot of different reasons – from worn-out membrane switches that signal the control board to power certain functions, to faulty control boards themselves that are inadequate for powering those features you selected.

Microwave Is Making Noise

Common problems with a microwave range from repairs that seem small but cost more to fix than they should, like the drive motor or roller guide, to more expensive issues like the magnetron or cooling fan.

If repairmen are too expensive for you, look into getting an online course to teach you how to do repairs on your own.

Microwave Door Not Closing Properly

When microwave oven doors don’t close correctly, the various door components wear out. In many cases, worn door hinge torsion springs cause a microwave oven door not to close tightly. Other common causes of a microwave oven not closing properly include a bent door latch mechanism or broken hinges.

Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

Above-range microwaves may have an exhaust fan to keep your stove clear of smoke and smell. If the grate doesn’t work, there are a few simple solutions you can try. First, check the cleanliness of the filter.

 Metal, metal mesh, or carbon filters all come with them in the box, so you can put a new one in or wash and clean one that is dirty. If a filter isn’t needed, check if something has broken off inside it.

You might need to repair or replace it if something is damaged since sometimes these things are made to be disposable or just aren’t easily cleaned at home.


I would first check the fuse or circuit breaker that provides power to the microwave oven. If the fuse/circuit breaker is not blown, then I would suspect a problem with the outlet that the microwave oven is plugged into.

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