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When most people think of a real estate office they have one primary image in mind. They think of a little office with a few desks and some guy in a loud print jacket talking on the phone about selling or buying. They don’t really give a lot of thought to the back office of a real estate business, where the real business is taking place. While the real estate agent may be the front man or woman who represents the company to the world, it is the back office of office administrators and clerks who get the job done. Up until fairly recently, this was done primarily with paper forms and old fashion leg work. But that is changing fast and it is due to the shifts in technology both in the world of the real estate business and by how real estate transaction management has changed. It all starts with the software.

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Enter the Software Kings

It shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone who knows how much computers and technology have changed almost every industry to find out they have had an impact on the real estate business. This is one trade that was due for an update as the amount of paperwork required by law in most states could burden just about anyone. But the back office in most real estate firms are now beginning to see some changes in how the paper trail for transactions are handled, allowing more streamlining of the required forms.

Consolidation and Automation

One of the big plusses in many of these new software packages for the real estate back office is in their organization. They allow the administrators who handle so much of the paper flow to consolidate much of this into one easy to handle package. For anyone who has ever had to walk their closing documents over from one office to the next just to obtain signatures, you know how big a step this can be.Advertisement

Integration is Key

Of course, financial transactions are always a big part of any back office and the real estate business is no stranger to this. A wide array of commonly used finance programs can now enable work with real estate offices from Washington D.C. to Portland Oregon and still keep track of every penny. By integrating the office information with these financial programs, extra steps are eliminated and a clear trail of financial actions makes it easier to see exactly where the real estate transaction is at any time.

Moving into the 21st Century

Where it will go from here is anyone’s guess. As more and more of the general business world become automated, the back office of the real estate firms around the country will need to find new ways to stay connected. With more government offices automating, software firms branching into new territory and the population continuing to need housing, we will always be looking for new ways for the real estate industry to find faster easier ways to complete each transaction. The best is yet to come.

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