The science of B2B online marketing through the path of Business directories


Marketing products to business corporations using an online channel is more challenging than selling them to traditional customers. The mantra is changed in its entirety in contrast to the B2C sector. Over time, B2B phenomena have emerged, imparting numerous advantages. Some of them may include:

Increased customer loyalty has been ensured:

The first and foremost advantage of opting for B2B business is strengthening long-term business relationships with the customers than any other business sector as the agreements being made between the parties are generally long-term. Thus, enabling you to curtail your business expenditures as the acquisition cost of doing these businesses is low. 

Transactions are of higher magnitude:

The transactions incurring in the B2B sector are usually of larger quantities as the products available online are of better quality and value at the same time. Subsequently, enabling the owners to enjoy handsome amounts of revenue.

Economies of scale are observed:

B2b business and them bring the opportunity to expand your business and turnover as accessibility across the globe is phenomenal.

Advantage 1: A new target group also means additional revenue

By addressing the B2B sector and the B2C, you have contact with another new target group which enables you to pursue new sales opportunities. An excellent way to attract these customers is by using a B2B shop with a public catalog and attracting even more visitors through search engines to the online store. Furthermore, you can expand the obtained revenues by using advanced cross-selling and up-selling related or valuable products.

Advantage 2: Cost reduction through long-term customer loyalty

Customers in B2-B commerce are more loyal than customers from the B2C sector. Since business customers are committed to you as the supplier through contracts and individual agreements. What does this mean for you? Lower acquisition costs and long-lasting customer relations. You can also strengthen customer loyalty further by offering services and customer-oriented products.

Advantage 3: Higher transaction value through business purchases

In B2-B commerce, the shopping carts are usually much larger since companies tend to buy more significant amounts of products or more valuable products. This increases the average transaction value and thus your revenue.

Advantage 4: Clear structure and collaborative shopping

The purchasing process is organized according to the hierarchy in most companies. If there is a demand for a particular product, employees can place these items in a standard shopping cart overseen by the appropriate manager. The process is clearly defined and organized, and the internal processes are simplified for your customers.

Advantage 5: The opportunity to expand

A B2B e-commerce solution must have the ability to grow. The good thing is that you can sell in your local region and far beyond. More customers from different regions mean that your business and your revenues can continue to grow.

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