Top 10 B2B Websites in the World by 2022

Top 10 B2B Websites in the World by 2022

If you’re looking for a B2B business management platform, try Shopify, where you can be assured of 100% wellbeing. Many top B2B websites employ unique strategies and strategized plans to outsmart their competition. According to our predictions, in the year 2022, Shopify should be one of the top 10 B2B websites in the world. We have listed them below, and you’ll be able to see which ones are on the rise.


Founded in 1997, Rakuten is a Japanese ecommerce giant home to more than 1.3 billion members. It is also known as the Amazon of Japan and focuses on business-to-business (B2B) operations in Japan. Rakuten has a 3.6 star Glassdoor rating. It has two active delivery models – one where its customers manage the shipping process in-house, and the other lets the customer choose a shipping company to handle the shipment.

If you’re looking to establish a website in the US or Japan, you’ll want to register on Rakuten as a seller. You’ll need a Japanese bank account and a UPC-based product code for your products. After that, you can create a personalized storefront to draw in more customers. Remember to brand yourself consistently across all your channels.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Rakuten website is its global expansion strategy. The company recently acquired overdrive, Viki, and eBates to expand its operations worldwide. In 2019, Rakuten ranked fourth among the top online marketplaces. In addition, Rakuten has an excellent customer support team that is always ready to answer questions and offer useful advice. Customers, however, have complained about the lack of storefront customization.

Made in China

If you are looking for a B2B website that connects Chinese manufacturers and retailers, look no further. Made-in-China is a comprehensive service platforms for foreign trade that connects buyers and sellers in more than 40 million products across 27 industries and over 3,800 categories. The site also offers manufacturing and wholesale services and features a network of more than 14 million registered buyers and suppliers. This website has many advantages for both buyers and sellers:

Alibaba is a Chinese B2-B website that connects buyers and sellers. Its goal is to help small and medium enterprises improve their competitive position by providing access to an expanding global market. Founded in Korea, Alibaba is a leading B2B website in Asia and serves many international buyers. The website features authentic Chinese manufacturers and suppliers and sourcing information from global brands and companies.

Alibaba is a popular B2-B platform that connects Chinese suppliers and buyers worldwide. However, this site is not without its fair share of scams and unscrupulous sellers. Beware, though: Alibaba isn’t the only B2B website in China. It also features a large number of unreliable sellers and scammers. If you buy a product from an individual seller, make sure you’re careful to read their terms and conditions and do your research.


Alibaba’s website AliExpress is a marketplace that helps Chinese businesses sell products to shoppers in various countries. Its trade system handles many complex operations. Its online portal makes the buying and selling process easier for sellers and buyers. Moreover, the site also supports 18 different languages, and it covers over two hundred twenty countries and regions. By 2022, the Alibaba site will rank among the top 10 b2b websites worldwide.

The success of an AliExpress clone depends on the quality of the products sold by its merchants. The site must have a convenient contact form and a customer service team for consumers. The site should also allow disputes and improve the user experience. The website should also clearly display commission percentages and writing off fees. It should explain how premium features benefit buyers. The website should also give consumers clear information about what they will be getting for the amount they pay.

Alibaba is a commercial website that ships to many countries and offers frequent promotions and deals. It is also an international marketplace with 35,000 sq m of warehouse space. The company also claims to be the leading mobile shopping app in Europe. There are several other b2b websites in the world, but Alibaba is the one that has more international customers. Its b2b website is gaining more prominence.


If you’re looking for a B2B eCommerce site, you may want to consider Amazon. It’s one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world, with over a billion products across all categories. This website is a great way for businesses to expand their horizons and connect with their customers. It’s also an excellent way for wholesalers to attract clients.

It has all the features that make an Amazon customer happy. Amazon Business allows you to collaborate with multiple users to place orders, workflow approval, and cart creation for approval. You can also create lists of preferred suppliers and products. Your spending is transparent and easy to track, and you can also take advantage of volume and price discounts. Amazon has earned a place in many industries and is expected to remain at the top in the B2B space by 2022.

In addition, B2B e-commerce is projected to grow 16.8% in the next seven years. As a result, marketers and advertisers alike are relying on these advanced technologies to meet the ever-increasing demands of their clients. And new businesses are emerging, competing with leading organizations to capture market share. With this, you should not underestimate the potential of b2b websites to become the world’s top 10 e-commerce websites.


X-Cart is an open-source PHP solution that allows users to design their ecommerce website from the ground up without any programming knowledge. The best part is that X-Cart comes with 84 different ecommerce templates, which you can then use to design your online store. X-Cart is also available in free trial versions and paid plans.

X-Cart includes a huge selection of third-party integrations. Users can easily integrate their stores with dozens of third-party applications, including social media websites. The X-Cart App Store also offers hundreds of integrations. Zapier, a platform for connecting third-party apps, connects X-Cart with dozens of other services.

With its robust eCommerce features, NuORDER can be used by companies with limited budgets. It also features order-entry and eCommerce integrations. The latter can be highly effective for growing a business. The software is free to use and runs on open-source, self-hosted software. This means that it will always remain a competitive advantage.


When it comes to B2B websites, Europages has it all. This European platform caters to the European market, but it is far from just that. The website features an interactive website that engages visitors to purchase products. With easy inventory management, a product catalogue, and access to buyers worldwide, you can build a robust company profile and expand your business globally. The platform also features advanced sourcing tools and a classified catalog with millions of products.

A business directory with over 2 million members worldwide, Europages is an easy-to-use and fast-delivering platform. The website has been operating in the b2b industry for over three decades and has become one of the world’s leading b2b websites. The user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for buyers and sellers to do business. As the leading b2b marketplace globally, Europages is on a collision course to surpass its rivals.

A business management platform such as Shopify is a key component of a successful b2b website. It ensures the wellbeing of businesses, and offers a variety of business-related tools to help you run your business smoothly. While it may not be possible to make your website a top 10 b2b website in the world by 2022, it does have some key features that help make it a top contender.


SeeBiz can bring businesses closer together with a centralized platform by connecting them through social networking. The site has features such as “likes,” “view count,” and “shortlisting.” Users can also submit connection requests for vendors and begin receiving updates from them. The service is free to use and does not charge for members. Profits earned through the platform are completely tax-deductible.

The platform offers a wide variety of products, including wholesale, from many vendors. Its easy-to-use interface lets users connect with manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses. SeeBiz’s feed automatically fills with updates and posts by companies. Users can share updates about their business. The unified platform allows for ease-of-use business networking, and it emphasizes the importance of close relationships with B2B customers.

The platform also boasts of over 1.5 million buyers. The platform is user-friendly and has optimised storefronts. Buyers can find what they need with complete confidence and trust. SeeBiz is an eCommerce website that features top-notch customer support and networking capabilities. Businesses can sell their products worldwide, meet new people, and expand their business globally. There are no limits to how many businesses you can connect with on SeeBiz.

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