List of Top Activated Carbon Suppliers in the USA


For decades, activated carbon has become increasingly prevalent and most industries and even the household need it. If you are here, you are one of those people looking for high-quality activated carbon suppliers in California. We have compiled a list of top activated carbon suppliers in the USA so that you can easily find the one from this list that suits you the best. In addition, if we urge you to share your experience with us, we can tell others about the company’s reliability.

Karbonous Inc. (Manufacturer and Supplier)

From an extensive list of activated carbon suppliers in the US, we have picked Karbonous and placed it in the first position since it is the most reliable one from others. With sixteen years of extensive experience, Karbonous has created several milestones in the industry; from the water filtration system to the coconut shell-activated carbon, they manufacture activated carbon for various purposes and industries. Besides being a stronghold with the name in the market, Karbonous also supplies to different industrial sectors in the USA, whose activated carbon is the need. Karbonous is based out of The City of Industry, California.

Bonding Chemical (Supplier)

Bonding chemical is located in Katy, TX. This company is a renowned distributor of chemicals, including activated carbon, borides, 2D materials, conductive powders, microspheres, foams, silica aerogel, super absorbent polymer, amino acid, and much more. 

American Activated Carbon Corp. (Supplier)

A Conaga Park, CA, based company supplies premium coconut shell activated carbon water filter and bituminous coal activated carbon to all over the US. Their products are suitable for removing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from gases and liquid. They serve numerous industries, including food & beverages, electrical, pharmaceutical, etc. 

IndoCarb Corporation, Inc. (Distributor and Manufacturer)

Pittsburgh, PA, based company is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer or producer of coconut shell activated carbon, especially used in water filtration and purification. Besides, other industries that need their products are cigarette & cabin air filters, gold recovery factories, gas treatment, industrial air treatment, among others. 

Rapid Pump & Meter/ Machinery Services Corp. (Supplier and Manufacturer)

The company is located in Paterson, NJ, and leading company in the region either. They deal with the distribution of equipment, accessories, and part of the machinery in the industrial processing of activated carbon. Other services offered by this company include fabrication and welding, machining, CAD design assistance, pressure vessel fabrication, field welding, installation, piping fabrication, testing, monitoring, repair and maintenance of water pumps and delivery systems, monitoring systems and vibration analysis, and various technical training services.

Metafin Supply Company (Supplier and Manufacturer)

They are the supplier of activated carbon filter cartridges specifically manufactured for electroplating solutions. The company headquarter is located in Volo, IL. Metafin represents the best and the latest technology available in the market for cartridge filtration. This cartridge filter is used in a wide range of electroplating applications. 

Kissane Water Conditioning, Inc. (Supplier and Service Company)

Kissane Water Conditioning Inc., is a manufacturer and also supplier of water filter and purification systems. They deal with various products, such as water softeners, carbon filters media, reverse osmosis systems, and ultraviolet light systems. Besides, they also supply salts and coolers. Capabilities of the company include maintenance, analysis, rental, troubleshooting services, testing, and de-ionization. The combination of capabilities and deliverables is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Kinequip, Inc. (Supplier)

Kinequip Inc. is a distributor of fining filter agents. One of the best products they deal with is activated carbon. The company never ignores delivering on time and never compromises quality, making them suitable for cumulative shelf life. Besides, Kinequip also deals with other products, including gelatin, riddling aids, silica sol., and bentonite. They offer drop shipping depending on order quantity.

Carbon filtering media is one of their best selling products. They are renowned for activated carbon supplies. Granular, porous, powdered, and pelletized activated carbon at Applied Process Equipment Inc. includes NSF®61 certified coal base carbon and coconut shell. Additional media the company offers are green sand, zeolite, impregnated activated alumni, and specialty cation/anion gravel and resins. 

United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon

United Manufacturing International 2000 is a supplier of Activated Carbon, Adsorption Filtration Equipment, and Ion Exchange (IX) Resins. Eastern, Western, and central USA distribution points stock above-mentioned products in the following forms – PAC, GAC, and EAC (Extruded Pellets) from wood, coal, hard anthracite, and coconut shell.

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