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Are you the one interested in adventures? Love to have thrill in your life. Then what’s your daily source? If you are looking for both things, we have a platform or an option that you can explore. Escape room games are synonyms of adventure and thrill, while you are surrounded by the environment, which is tedious. Although escape room games are outdoor games, yet pandemic has made us learn that nothing should stop us from enjoying our life no matter what. We could not access outdoor games or escape rooms at the time, and virtual games gave us an option to teach adventure and thrill without a break.   

The online version of Escape Room games might not sound exciting or as adventurous as it is to play it in real-time, but you don’t know until you experience it. Near-to real visual clues, challenges, puzzles, and online design inspires you to connect yourself with the theme of every escape room game. The best part is that you get to play with your friends and pals, just like you did. It also gives you an additional benefit of staying at home, being in your comfort area, and enjoying the same amount of escapade.   

Are you still scratching your head about believing the concept of virtual escape room games? Let’s discuss some of the themes that will help you to understand the virtual aspect of the escape room games.  

This blog will learn about some fantastic themes of virtual escape room games that you can enjoy with your friends sitting in your comfort zone. All you need is your laptop and team. So, without beating a Bush anymore, let’s jump up to discuss some of the fantastic themes that you would love to play and explore:  

Five virtual escape room game themes to play online with buddies:  

  1. Space Escape: mission to Mars-  

If you have a bunch of people who are crazy about sci-fi movies and sci-fi-based theme games, then this game is ideal for you. The game’s theme revolves around your mission to travel to the planet Mars. In between, your ships will be overtaken by some artificial intelligence. They will create hindrances on your way to Mars and create many puzzles in your escape room game. With the help of clues and Your space commander, you will be able to get used to heading towards your mission. You have to complete your mission to win the game. Isn’t it adventurous? All space and meteors heavenly bodies. Don’t you love sci-fi? If you do, then do check out the competition.  

  1. Jewel heist-  

Are you a fan of money heists? Everyone is. If you and your teams are kind of Sherlock regarding their games and love to solve theft cases, this game is just for you. Some of the most wanted burglars have conducted a heist over a well-known jewel shop. Which heist is going to be the highest of the century. This is a chance for you and your friends to be the professor and their team. This role is a little bit reversed in this game. You don’t have to conduct the heist, but you have to recover the jewels taken away in the theft with the help of clues and puzzles. Hence, you will have to recover all the last valuable gems from the jewelry store. Do you think you have to add solving such cases? If you do, then we take your skills and test you again. Let’s see if you can Come out of the escape room with flying colors this time.  

  1. Race for the last TOMB:  

Ancient Terra has always been fascinating. Our past helps us understand our previous mistakes, and it gives us a glance at how glorified our ancestors were. Imagine a game full of adventure regarding ancient heritage in which you have to use all your IQs to solve riddles and puzzles to save yourself. The game’s theme is based on a city that is about to sink in 60 minutes. You have to utilize the best brains of your team and solve these puzzles to get out of the town and save yourself from drowning in under the harsh sand. If the theme gives you goosebumps, then don’t lose a second. Just go and try the game. Enjoy the thrill and experience Offset arrival at the last minute.  

  1. The Grimm escape:  

In a forest caused which you have to Get out with your team. Numerous Puzzles and challenges can only be solved by considering the smallest clue provided by the game team. To escape from this cursed jungle, you have to keep your mind very alert. We never know which Blue can open the door to success. Plan your strategy and think twice before you take up any steps.  

  1. Minecraft escape room:  

Good news for the lovers of the Minecraft game. You can experience the same theme in your escape room game concept, which is entirely virtual. Unlike other escape room games, you will get to solve mathematical problems instead of having puzzles and riddles or challenges. The perfect match for math lovers, and the Minecraft game is always there to make you happy.  

These were a few the escape game that offered the virtual platform. Life goes on no matter what the circumstance is. We have to understand that learning is the only way to enjoy our present. We can’t change tomorrow, but at least we can enjoy it today. Escape Room game is not just a game, but it is a mental exercise that helps your brain use its power as much as possible. It allows you to fight your stress and gives a broader perspective to solve a problem. These challenges, riddles, puzzles, etc., are a metaphor to make you understand that problems are part of your life and that dealing with them is your talent. The team here indicates the people who support us in good or bad times.  

In a nutshell, this game is not only a source of entertainment but also an inspiration to fight back in life and never give up, no matter how the complicated circumstances. You will always find a way if you have a positive attitude towards it. Play win and enjoy; that’s the main Moto of escape room games.  

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